Facebook Pregnancy Announcement and Gender Reveal

“It didn’t happen if its not on Facebook,” a phrase I have heard countless times this year. It’s usually stated as a joke but lets get real, we are addicted to sharing our good-fortunes on the social media site and I am no exception.

The first 3 months of my pregnancy have been full of some not so enjoyable moments but probably the hardest thing for me was keeping quiet about it on social media. There are no set laws about when you may share the news of your pregnancy but there is something taboo about spilling the beans too early on. I let a select few friends and family members in on the secret in person but had to resist even commenting on the wrong articles in fear that someone may see and catch on.

Finally, the day before Thanksgiving, just shy of 13 weeks pregnant, we made the announcement!


We wanted to stick to a Thanksgiving theme due to the timing of the announcement. I threw this together using one of my favorite apps, Rhonna Designs, and highly recommend you download this app if you haven’t already!

Within a couple weeks, we were able to determine the gender of our bundle of joy. Friends had been speculating and as soon as they knew I knew, they wanted to know too. I wanted to announce the gender in a special way but a party?! Ain’t nobody got time for that. I like the idea of it being a surprise so I decided I would make a serious of images (again using Rhonna Designs) and upload them into an album on Facebook. I made enough images that the final two were cut off, only to be seen by expanding the album.








That’s right! We are expecting a little boy in early June! Please feel free to save these images and post them to Facebook for your own gender reveal if they apply and check back for updates along the pregnancy. I will also be writing about recipes, products and activities that are fun, helpful or exciting along the road to motherhood!


3 thoughts on “Facebook Pregnancy Announcement and Gender Reveal

    1. I went to a prenatal imaging facility that specializes in gender determination. Most can tell as early as 12 weeks but definitely call ahead. I found out right at 14 weeks. My doctor probably won’t check until my 16 or 20 week check up.


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