Bridal Shower Games

This is another old post from my old blog. I like to play around in the adobe creative suite once in awhile. I designed these games for a former co-worker who was throwing a shower for a friend. This post has been very popular on my old blog so I wanted to make sure it…… Continue reading Bridal Shower Games



This is a post written years ago for my old [now neglected] blog. I honestly am the most unorganized person I know so no matter how many times I write down a recipe, I can never find it when I need it. In the years since I originally posted this recipe, I have referred back…… Continue reading Fudge


Facebook Pregnancy Announcement and Gender Reveal

“It didn’t happen if its not on Facebook,” a phrase I have heard countless times this year. It’s usually stated as a joke but lets get real, we are addicted to sharing our good-fortunes on the social media site and I am no exception.